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Rules and Regulations

Rules have changed and the ones below are from 2018

Interpretations of these rules will be exclusively to the tournament director.


Participation is open to any team so long as one member of the team is a member of the LOW Fishing Club.  Non-members of the LOW Fishing Club will pay a yearly fee of $15.00 (This money goes to the end of year banquet).  If the team member is under the age of 16, the fee will be waved.

Entry fees will be $50.00 per boat per tournament.

Maximum of 20 boats per tournament (first come, first serve).

Teams must check in 10 min. prior to start of a tournament.

Teams late to morning check in will be processed after start of tournament.

No entry 30 Min after start of tournament.

Tournaments end time will be announced during morning launch.

Teams must be idled within the clubhouse dock area prior to check-in (6hrs from start time) time for weight-in. The Dock area is defined as imaginary lines extending out and intersecting from each end of the dock.

In order for a team to be eligible to fish either the Wildcard or Classic tournament, they must have fished 50% of the regular season tournaments (specials excluded).  If a team member cannot fish the Wildcard or Classic a substitute may be used , but the substitute must have been used at least once by  the team during the regular season, otherwise the remaining member of the team will have to fish solo.

 Off Limits Period:

The main lake at Lake of the Woods will be off limits to fishing for tournament participants 24 hours prior to tournament start time.


Each contestant is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation.

No team may come within 50 feet of another competitor without their permission.

Any protest must be submitted in writing to Weigh Master within 15 Min. of close of weigh-in.

 Permitted Fishing Methods:

All bass must be caught alive.

Only artificial lures may be used.

Only one fishing rod may be used at a time.

Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited.

Fishing from the bank is not allowed.

 Equipment Requirements:

Boats used in the tournament must have an operable live-well.


·        A limit of 5 bass may be weighed in.

·        Minimum length will be 12 Inches.

·        Lengths will be measures with the mouth closed and tail pinched.

·         If a fish is handed to the weigh master and the fish is found to be less than 12 inches an 8 oz deduction will be made per under length fish.

·         No more than 5 bass can be in the livewell at anytime.

·        ONLY one fish per team will be weighed and measured for big fish.

·        Team weighing dead fish will lose 8 oz. per dead fish.

·        Teams late checking in at weigh in will receive an 8 oz. penalty per minute, if more than 15 Min. late, team will be disqualified and receive last place points.


In the event of a tie during a tournament, winners will be decided by big fish (weight then length).  In the event weight and length is also a tie, the PLACES will be combined and moneys split equally.

In the event of a tie for the AOY points, total overall weight for the tournament season will break the tie.


In the interest of safety, any team or team member receiving a citation from LOWA Security, VDGIF, or any other law enforcement agency, during tournament hours, will be disqualified from that tournament and will receive last place points.

Therefore, all teams are strongly encouraged to follow all rules and regulations set forth by LOWA.

Lake of the Woods Fishing Club and/or Lake of the Woods Association are not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

 Equipment failure:

In the event of an equipment failure or emergency, there will be only tow permitted methods of returning to the official weigh-in.

1.        by both partners remaining in their boat and being towed by water, or

2.        One team member entering the boat of another tournament contestant with their teams’ fish in their bag.

Under these two conditions the contestants’ catches may be counted without a penalty (except for late-penalties, dead fish, or length penalties). Contestants who elect to return to the official check-in by any other means than cited above will forfeit their day’s catch to that point in time of the tournament day.

Rules for Tournament Points:

1.  Each Team must be registered and be paid members or non-member tournament fees need to be paid prior to tournament start time.

2.  Points go to the registered team.  For example:  Joe Lentine and Denny Heck are the registered team.  Denny cannot fish a particular tournament.  Dusty Glennon fishes in Denny's place.  As long as Dusty is not already a registered member of another team, this will be allowed.  If Joe and Dusty take first place, the points go to Joe and Denny's team.  Richard Stanton and Kenny Brooks are another registered team.  If Denny can’t fish a particular tournament and neither can Kenny, Richard and Joe cannot team up because they are both members of another registered team.

3.  A Non-member can pay their tournament fees at the start of any tournament.

4.  Point payout will be at the end of the season and only first place will win the points pot.  Top five teams and the Wild Card winner will compete in the Bass Classic, only first place will be paid.

5.  Plaques will be awarded for the points places and biggest fish caught during the tournament season. 

6.  If a team cannot participate in a tournament, they can pay the tournament registration fee ($50) and that team will be awarded the last place points.

 JD Krob


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